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Percorso provides features designed to support administrators, teachers and students with field education and distance learning. Our feedback focused system enables students to establish goals and track their progress throughout the year with the aide of their teacher's feedback and guidance.

  1. Manage Program Objectives

    Manage, measure, and support the long-term development objectives for your program. Customize Percorso to guide the formation of your users and keep track of their progress along the way.

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    Goal Management

    Create user-specific goals that guide development and formation throughout time in the development. Unite user-specific goals with long-term program objectives to observe progress over time.

  3. Ongoing Accountability & Feedback

    Use Percorso to encourage accountability, reflection, and communication throughout a user's development. Collect and consolidate feedback from a variety of sources to offer broad-based coaching and commentary on progress.

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    Analytics & Reporting

    Evaluate program-wide growth and performance in the reporting dashboard. Leverage your data to spot trends and indicators of your institution's overall well-being. Export your reports to share with others or for safe keeping.

  5. Comprehensive Evaluation Support

    Easily take advantage of your collective program data to develop meaningful and accurate evaluations built upon user goals and institutional objectives.

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    User Growth Tracking

    Provide a comprehensive picture of user achievements and proficiency to assess preparedness and elevate a user's skills to the next level.

  7. Online Document Management

    Ditch the paperwork and start managing your assignments, evaluations, videos, and more online. Maintain your documents in one place and access them from anywhere.


More Features


Each student sets their core goals for the year. Every assignment and task is tied to these goals so the student and advisor can track and gauge progress throughout the year.


Assignments are comprised of reflections, evidence and outcomes that the students completes to make progress toward completing their goals.


A reoccurring written assignment where the student self-evaluates their current goals and progress made toward each of them. A supervisor can provide feedback on each reflection by commenting and rating each one.


Percorso allows students to organize and group their documents, videos, presentations, and other supporting material as evidence for each assignment and/or reflection.


Institutional outcomes provide the guide to long-term development. The outcomes frame the student goals that are accomplished by completing assignments and reflections throughout the year.


Student's work is compiled and organized throughout the year to actively build a portfolio throughout the year. Percorso helps organize feedback to be used as a reference asset during formation and beyond.


Percorso keeps all types of feedback organized to be referenced throughout the year as each student works towards their goals.


Users are alerted to tasks and real time feedback on assignments to keep them up-to-date on priorities and next steps.

User Management

Provide secure access to administrators, advisors, students, and outside observers to help guide your students. Percorso uses role based permissions to finely tune access to the system.


Percorso provides different at-a-glance metrics for counselors and administrators to see student performance throughout the year and also provides powerful tools to reduce the burden and increase the completeness of end-of-year reviews.


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